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The art of wellbeing

The ultimate collection for being well, being elegant.

The Loro Piana Mind Set for Meditation
Channel your inner zen with the simple indulgence of a meditation mat in cashmere Storm System® with leather trim and its own soft pillow which makes you want to get horizontal. The Loro Piana detail – non-slip cashmere socks to make sure you are well-balanced in your mission to find nirvana. Hydration is a must, hence the addition of a personalised water bottle in a cashmere Storm System® holder. The towel also features a chevron pattern only on one side and the perfect bag to contain all is in herringbone cotton canvas with leather trim.

The Meditation set is crafted with our noblest materials and clever details, like the plain reverse of the towel for maximum comfort and the half-moon shape of the pillow.

The shape of Loro Piana for wellbeing
Should you prefer the rigour of tonic training and powering through exercise programmes, now you can work out in style. A singular leather skipping rope with padded cashmere Storm System® handles. One and two kilo weights with padded handles in chevron cashmere and leather trim. A ball to make your core sing, upholstered in super soft chevron padded cashmere with leather handles and personalised metal detail and, naturally a matching water bottle all in understated midnight blue. The chevron patterned cotton towel completes the set.

The contrasting leather details in warm brown colour feature refined stitiching, while the skipping rope can be easily adjusted simply unscrewing the handles.

The Loro Piana exploration kit
There is nothing which touches your heart more deeply than the sound of the forest a midnight sky peppered with stars and the cloud of your breath hitting the pure icy air. For you to decide if you make the daytime hike or simply survey the scenery from wherever you are, zipped into the comfort of the most delicious sleeping bag in chevron padded Wind Storm System® and Baby Cashmere for both protection and warmth. An eye mask in Baby Cashmere knit inside and Cashmere Storm System® outside and a thermos flask with a neoprene and cashmere Storm System® holder will see you through the night.

Complete your blissing out, working out or simply being out there, with the soft and enveloping knitted sweatshirt and trousers in Baby Cashmere.